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TFT 61cm/24" (1920X1080) Samsung Curved Gaming 24 inch LC24RG50FQR Monitor - Black

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Product description

Features Samsung Curved Gaming 24 inch CRG50 Monitor - Black
23.5 ", 1920 x 1080, VA, Mega DCR, 1800R, HDMI, Display Port, F

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor 24 inch CRG50, 59.7 cm (23.5 "), 1920 x 1080 pixels, Full HD, 4 ms, Black

The champion in curved screens Market leader in curved screens. Since Samsung introduced the innovative displays in 2015, the company has been at the forefront of the curved display market. Thanks to industry-leading technology and an extensive product portfolio, Samsung's curved displays are still number one - both in market share and with consumers.

Get carried away This is what a winner looks like. Experience your games even more intensely with an extra curved 1800R screen. Go for the win with the ultra-sharp focus that improves your concentration. Game longer without bothering your eyes.

Smooth and fast images Smooth and crisp action at all times. With a 144Hz refresh rate, you'll always have a head start, even on the most demanding games. You immediately recognize your enemy and see the small, essential changes in each scene. But you can also easily set it to 60 Hz, 100 Hz or 120 Hz.

Exclusively for gamers The ideal settings for your game. Game Mode adjusts the color values, contrast ratios and image sharpness directly, so that you can get the most out of every game. Low Input Lag Mode minimizes the delay between your game / computer and the screen. And thanks to Virtual Aim Point, your target is always in the center of the screen, so you can take out your enemy quickly and effectively.

Flawless action Never suffer from hiccups again. AMD Radeon FreeSync ™ prevents tearing for incredibly smooth, responsive games. With a dynamic refresh rate, even the most demanding game scenes are displayed smoothly and without stutter or jerkiness.

You win more often with a fresh look Now you can keep gaming even longer. Eye Saver Mode minimizes blue light, leaving you relaxed and comfortable watching during long sessions. Flicker Free technology prevents the tiring and annoying 'flickering' of the screen, so you can concentrate longer without getting tired of your eyes.

See in the dark Now they have nowhere to hide. Thanks to an impressive contrast ratio of 3000: 1, you can see your enemies or other dangers even more clearly. The black is blacker and the white is brighter, with more shades of gray in between. So even when your enemies hide in the dark, you recognize them before it's too late.


Screen shapeCurved

By default, the resolution is displayed in pixels (colored points) in the ratio Width x Height. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image.

Resolution1920x1080 (Full HD)
Dots per inch

Also called pixel density or Pixels Per Inch (PPI), this indicates how many pixels a screen has on a one-inch line. The higher the density, the sharper the image.

Dots per inch94 dpi
Response time

Specifies how long a pixel takes to switch colors.

Response time4 ms
Sync supportFreeSync
Viewing angle178 °

The number of candelas indicates the light intensity and is expressed in cd / m² or; the more cd / m², the brighter the picture.

Brightness250 cd / m²
Contrast ratio (static)

Contrast ratio in static contrast is understood to mean; the ratio of brightness between the lightest and darkest parts on a screen. With a higher contrast ratio you have whiter white and blacker black, which makes the image look nicer and sharper.

Contrast ratio (static)3000: 1
Color depth

The number of colors that a monitor or television can display or the number of colors in an image. The higher the color depth, the better the image display quality.

Color depth16.7 million
Total video inputs3 x
Screen diagonal

The screen diagonal is the screen size measured from bottom left to top right and expressed in inches ("), 1 inch equals 2.54 cm.

Screen diagonal23,5 "
Type of panelLCD
LCD panelVA
Refresh rate

The refresh rate is the number of times per second that the image is refreshed and is expressed in hertz (Hz).

Refresh rate144 Hz
Video inHDMI
Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and height of an image. A widescreen television has a 16: 9 ratio. (16 units in width, 9 units in height)

Aspect ratio16: 9
CategoryAll Displays
EAN Code8806092005457
Warranty3 years
Product codeLC24RG50FQRXEN

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